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X-tra L-arge Events

About Us

X-tra L-arge events tries to put the love for House Music on the map in the south of the Netherlands. One of the events that we organize is Hot, Hot, Hotter!! X-tra L-arge is also an exclusive dj booking agency for upcoming talents.

The agency delivers high quality DJ's/Artists from national upcoming rising stars. All artists are exclusive selected based on their skills, performance, productions, personality and most importantly... love for House Music.

Hot, Hot, Hotter and Solid Sounds are two of those concepts,

This concept contains only House Music and has the intention to bring the audience trough this musical journey, and it is also a greath oppertunity as a booking agency to offer there Dj's/Artist  a well organised event.

This concept will be organised in very stylish and classy locations to create the ultimate House feeling.